Modern Living Tokyo About Us

Modern Living Tokyo About Us is provides beautiful Guesthouses / Share Houses, and Private Apartments in major areas of Tokyo.
If the room you want is not available now, choose one of our vacant rooms temporarily and then switch to the room you want when it is vacant, free of any service charges.
Modern Living Tokyo About Us

Service Charges

~Seasonal Rates may apply, displayed prices are for low travel season, rates during medium and high season may increase, please confirm when making a reservation.

There is also a living and dining room

DVD players are also provided to be used at your disposal;


Pacific Business, along with its subsidiary, ModernLiving.Tokyo, launched on October 27th, 2006. Our Mission is to offer living accommodations in a way not previously seen in Japan. All of our Guesthouse rooms are set up like private apartments with locking doors and shared spaces. Our goal is to provide a bridge between Japanese and foreigners for language and cultural exchange along with clean, comfortable, modern living at a reasonable price.

Our rental properties are leased to our customers using a “Western” leasing model, which to our knowledge is not available from other real estate / property management companies in Japan. We do not charge the usual high deposits and additional fees charged by most Japanese real estate / property management companies.

Our rental properties and most others in Japan is they are either brand-new or have been completely renovated. Our rental properties are freshly renovated. We place high emphasis on providing our Customers with modern furnishings and conveniences. Our properties are serviced by professional cleaning staff to provide our customers with a higher standard of living and sanitary environment.



We currently have Apartments and Guesthouses located throughout the Tokyo / Chiba and outerlying areas surrounding central Tokyo.

Please take a look around this site to see photos of our properties, inquire about a room, and view room prices. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call or send us an email in English or Japanese.

If you would like to rent a Guesthouse room or an Apartment, simply send us a general inquiry or fill out our online application form and send it with your reservation deposit to hold the room.. After receiving your application we will contact you within 24 hours.

The ¥20,000 reservation deposit will be credited towards your first month’s rent.

Thank you very much for reading about our company, we look forward to hearing from you.