5 Best Beaches Near Tokyo for 2021

5 Best Beaches Near Tokyo for 2021

No trip to Tokyo is complete without visiting the beach! Whether you are staying in a furnished apartment or local guesthouse, be sure to check out one of the 5 best beaches in the area. Keep reading to learn more about what each one has to offer!

Things to Know Before you Visit

 Before you head off to the beach, there a few things you should know. For instance, not every beach is designed for swimming and water sports!

 Some of these destinations are designed just for you to enjoy the view. You can only swim in areas where it is permitted – there will be signs, and you will see lifeguards nearby. Similarly, cleaning up after yourself is extremely important. It’s okay to enjoy drinks and food on the beach, but always clean up any bottles or trash when you’re done.

 Another thing to note is that the humid weather and high temperatures can lead to extreme heat – even when it’s cloudy – so make sure you pack some sun protection!

1.   Odaiba Beach

 Odaiba Beach is one of the top destinations in Tokyo Bay. It is packed with shopping and entertainment centers and has an impressive view of metropolitan Tokyo.

 This is a man-made beach, and the sand was imported from the Izu Islands to create it. The beach is not usually open for swimming, but there are plenty of things to do on the sandbars and beach lawns. It is 800 meters long and is perfect for sunbathing and sports. 

If your guesthouse is near Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station, then this getaway is only a 5-minute trek!

2.   Kamakura Beaches

 The Kamakura Beaches are also some of the best destinations in Tokyo. They include Yuigahama and Zaimokuza, which are both popular for swimming and water sports.

 When the beach is open for swimming, you can see people doing everything from parasailing to paddleboarding. The lifeguards will deploy buoy lines in the water to indicate where you can surf, and the appropriate areas to enter and exit the water.

 During the summer, you can find rental shops and beach huts along the sand. Here, you can find drinks, food, and shade – everything you need to enjoy your beach getaway! There are even changing rooms and lockers available for your convenience.

3.   Kugenuma Beach

 Just ten minutes away from Kugenuma Kaigan Station is another one of Tokyo’s top beaches. It is ideal for surfing and other outdoor activities. They even have tennis courts and beach equipment available for you to use!

 If you head over to the swimming side of the beach, you will also find rental shops and rest houses. It’s perfect for a relaxing day!

4.   Zushi Beach

 If you prefer a more classic destination, head over to Zushi Beach. It will likely require you to travel a distance from your furnished apartment, but it is worth the effort!

 There is almost always a lifeguard available, and you can rent lounge chairs and floats. Make sure that you bring cash because shower stalls and lockers require a fee.

5.   Shirahama Beach

 Shirahama means white sand, and this beach does not disappoint in this department. It is a bit more expensive than the others on the list, but it is one of the most beautiful destinations in Tokyo!

 This beach is also enjoyable in the winters since the views are more than enough to make the trip worth it. 

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