5 Best Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

5 Best Japanese Language Schools in Tokyo

If you are planning to take a gap year traveling around the world and backpacking through exotic Asian countries to test your survival skills, coming to Japan to learn Japanese and experience Japanese culture at the same time sounds like a dream to many. Japan – the land of the rising sun, still remains one of the most mysterious countries, and yet, Tokyo, a city with collections of many interesting contrasting aspects between tradition and modernity, makes it to the rank of Conde Nast Traveler every year as the best city to live in. CNN writes a whole article to list 50 reasons why you should choose living in Tokyo. Living here while learning the language is apparently everyone’s once in a lifetime experience and in order to make the best of the experience, you certainly want to go for the best Japanese language schools. In this blog post, we will pick out 5 best schools in the Tokyo area – with flexible, fun lessons, yet high-quality and affordable Japanese language courses so that you can get the best out of your buck. Many students who are learning Japanese elsewhere in the world will be jealous of you because it’s known that it’s so much easier to learn the language, especially Japanese which is known as one of the most difficult languages in the world while living in the country. You will also be able to expose yourself to Japanese culture like Anime, J-pop, Cosplay, and Japanese fashion. Imagine wandering heartily in a city that is a perfect mixture of deep-rooted East Asian culture with a twist of Western culture, a city with a vast mixture of the old and new culture and standard of living.

COTO Japanese Academy

COTO is a Japanese language school specialized in providing fun and friendly Japanese lessons with customized lesson plans, small class sizes and friendly ongoing support which certainly will help you accelerate your learning process while still enjoying the lessons. COTO’s instructors work hard to help you achieve their dream of speaking Japanese from the basic conversation for everyday use to business Japanese that will help you prepare for your next career move. There are 21 classrooms and 3 student lounges across our 3 floors of school space. In between classes you can relax and enjoy free wifi and complimentary drinks in their student lounge.

COTO Japanese Academy’s aim is not to simply teach correct Japanese, but to provide students with the Japanese language skills to improve their lives in Japan.

For all  Modern Living Tokyo’s guests, you can get up to 5,000 yen discount* from the registration fee for COTO Japanese Academy. Contact us for more details.

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo

Genki Japanese and Culture School Tokyo bring high-quality lessons that specially tailored for Western students’ needs. They are one of the only two Japanese schools accredited by the International Association of Language Centres, and the first Japanese school ever to be voted Star World Language School, the industry’s highest award. Only qualified, and also the best and most motivated and enthusiastic teachers are hired at the school. They have a variety of courses ranging from beginner classes to advanced ones and they can help you get student visas if you register for full-time course from 1 year or above. All the classes are small sizes with a maximum of 8* students per class. 

For all Modern Living Tokyo’s guests, you get a 20% discount from all the tuition fees advertised on their website. Contact us for more details.

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture

Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture can be said to be the most multinational Japanese language school in Japan where students from over 70 countries gather. In addition to learning Japanese, the school provides you with many opportunities to learn more about Japanese culture and the country’s history through activities that can only be experienced in Japan. It must be fun to both learning Japanese and exploring cultural activities such as Japanese tea ceremony, cooking, making sweets and dressing in Japanese traditional costumes, etc. They are more of a full-fledged language school if you are really serious about learning Japanese in order to get into Japanese colleges and universities.

Kai Japanese Language School

Founded in 1987, Kai Japanese Language School is located very conveniently in Shinjuku, Tokyo. They have a variety of courses for students with different levels of Japanese, from complete beginners to upper advanced learners wishing to get a job in Japan after graduation. Many students who graduate from Kai get a job offer afterward, so if you are looking for a school where you can get support finding jobs right after graduation, Kai Japanese Language School is a good choice for you. They also focus on providing lessons that can help you improve 4 language skills in a balanced manner or by focusing on practical conversation skills on a short-term basis. The school is a member of the International Association of Language Centres.


Japan Switch Japanese Language School

Japan Switch Japanese Language School is one of the language schools in Tokyo that caters to foreigners who want to learn Japanese at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the lessons. There is no entrance or registration fee, for 12,000 yen per month, you have the choice between 8 50-minute group class lessons or 4 50-minute private lessons.  

They take pride in providing affordable, yet quality language education and houses caring and supportive teachers who use learning materials designed specifically for foreigners who want to learn Japanese. As Japan Switch Japanese Language School is a sister school of Coto Language Academy, all the course contents are provided by Coto Language Academy.         


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