5 Best Places to Live in Kanagawa

5 Best Places to Live in Kanagawa

Kanagawa is situated right in between Tokyo and the Pacific Ocean, and it is a beautiful spot to visit. If you are planning a long-term stay, you may be wondering where the best places to find a furnished apartment or guesthouse is – keep reading to find out!

Why Kanagawa?

Like we mentioned, this city is within range of both the beach and Tokyo – making it the perfect spot for day trips to the city and weekend getaways on the beach.  

The rent here is also more affordable than in Tokyo, so it is home to many commuters to prefer to live in Kanagawa for access to the great outdoors.  Likewise, the nearby stations allow you to have easy access to other areas like Yokohama Bay and Minato Mirai.  

Here are the 5 best areas to live within Kanagawa: 

  • Yokohama 

Yokohama is one of the best places to live in Kanagawa, and it is just 17 minutes from the Tokyo hub in Shinagawa.  

This area is a popular hub station itself, so many residents choose to live here and commute to Tokyo. They are close enough to a wide variety of entertainment options like shipping malls and Yokohama Chinatown while having the benefits of living in Kanagawa.  

In other words, it is a suburban environment that can be quiet and relaxed but still close to the lively areas, so it is ideal for renting a guesthouse. 

  • Kawasaki 

Next on our list is Kawasaki. This area is a bit more industrial and is only 8 minutes away from the hub in Shinagawa.  

You can easily access Yokohama and Tokyo from here, and there is plenty to do in the immediate area in terms of shopping and entertainment. For example, you can visit La Citadella, which resembles an Italian town, to catch a movie or outdoor concert! 

  • Tama Plaza 

Tama Plaza is another great choice when renting a furnished apartment in Kanagawa. It’s a bit further from Shibuya and will take you about 30 minutes to get there, but this station is a mini-hub itself!

 If you don’t want to venture out to Tokyo, there is plenty to do right in the area. You can enjoy several dining and shopping options, so you do not always need to travel to enjoy your time. 

  • Yurigaoka 

There are many great places to live in Kanagawa, and that list includes Yurigaoka. This peaceful area is perfect for relaxing and unwinding. 

 It is about 28 minutes from Shinjuku, but you are close enough to Shin Yurigaoka Station that you can visit there for extra shopping and entertainment. 

 If you are looking for a quieter area that is mainly made up of residential neighborhoods, consider renting a guesthouse here! 

  • Musashi-Kosugi

 Last but not least is Musashi-Kusogi. This station gives you direct access to Yokohama, Meguro, Shibuya, and even Shinagawa – you can go anywhere from here. 

The Tama River is not too far either, which is a bonus for picking an apartment here. Likewise, you can head over to the Todoroki Green Space to enjoy walking paths, fishing ponds, and other natural scenery. It’s the best of both worlds!

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