Best Things to Do in Nakano

Best Things to Do in Nakano

Nakano is an exciting center of pop culture just a few minutes away from Shinjuku by train. Whether you are looking to explore anime culture in Japan, take in some nature, or shop, Nakano has everything you need!

 Here are some of the best things to do while staying at your guesthouse in Nakano:


Visit Nakano Broadway

 No visit to this area is complete without stopping at Nakano Broadway. This thirteen-level complex building is known for being the perfect spot for everything otaku, but there are so many things available here as well.

 This shopping center was open in 1966 and truly incorporates the many cultures found in Nakano. The first four levels contain the shopping center, while the remaining floors or housing complex.

 Within Nakano Broadway, you will find over 300 shops filled with cosplay, electronics, comics, local clothing shops, and even grocery stores! Even if you are not going to buy anything, walking through the stores and exploring what they have to offer is always a unique experience.


 Enjoy Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream

 If you are looking for something tasty, make sure to stop by Daily Chiko. Their extra-large serving of soft-serve ice cream is piled up with eight different flavors, leaving you with a delicious ice cream tower measuring over 40cm tall!

 Make sure to snap a photo of this incredible dish while you enjoy any flavor, from the standard chocolate and vanilla to shikwasa and sakura latte. You can also enjoy smaller size portions if you’re not feeling that hungry.


 Immerse Yourself in Art

 Another must-see spot for art lovers is Bar ingaro. This popular cafe was produced by the international pop artist Mr. Takashi Morikami and is located right inside Nakano Broadway.

 Everywhere inside the cafe is decorated with the artist’s work, and you can enjoy black tea, coffee, and many types of alcohol. This is the best place to kick your feet back and relax, with spaciously arranged seats to give you a break from your walking adventure.

 There are other art gallery cafes in the building as well, including Hidari Zingaro and Oz Zingaro. These spots are also within Nakano Broadway.


Experience the Bars on Rengazaka Street

 Just a few minutes away from your furnished apartment are about 30 restaurants and bars – a perfect spot for a night out! Rengazaka street in Nakano is a stylish area that gives you access to dozens of famous shops that are hidden from plain sight.

 Stop by Dining Kitchen Root to taste delicious meat dishes prepared by an all-star chef, or Nakano Aonisai to enjoy many types of Japanese alcohol. Whether you are going for dinner, barhopping, or both, you will not be disappointed!


Take a Stroll Through Momijiyama Park

 When the weather is just right, nothing beats taking a stroll through Momijiyama Park. This scenic park provides you with an escape from the busy city, even though it is just a five-minute walk away from Nakano Station.

 Enjoy a picnic on the grass or take a walk along the ponds and flower beds! Outdoor activities like these are some of the best things to do during your stay at our sharehouse.

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