How to Make a Bank Transfer at a Japanese ATM

How to Make a Bank Transfer at a Japanese ATM

It’s difficult to make a domestic bank transfer (furikomi: 振込) when living in Japan without knowing Japanese. In this article, we explain how to do a domestic bank transfer (furikomi) at Mizuho’s ATMs, using cash (genkin: 現金) to send money from any ATMs to another bank account in Japan. Japan is still a kingdom of cash, therefore, finding a real estate company where you pay your rent using credit cards is very difficult. At Modern Living Tokyo, we do accept rent payment using credit cards or Paypal, you just need to email us in advance before the due date, and we can send you a link for payment through which you can just enter your card information to proceed. However, even though it’s very convenient paying rent this way, these websites generally charge a transaction fee, and it can be expensive for some. The majority of people in Japan pay their rent by automatic withdrawal or manual bank transfer every month. 

If you do not have a domestic bank account, you may want to consider transferring your rent manually each month at a Japanese ATM using cash. If you have a domestic bank account, and a cash card, the rent will be deducted directly from your bank instead of depositing cash into the ATM. But either way of transfer, you will need to have some level of Japanese in order to read the Kanji shown on the ATM’s screen. This is the guide on how to send money using cash at an ATM machine.

Most Japanese bank ATMs give you the option to select the language (English, Korean, Chinese, or Portuguese) by tapping the appropriate button on the start screen, but there is some information that will be provided to you only in Japanese: most importantly, the bank account details ( for example, the branch of the bank) of where to transfer payment to. Therefore, we give you the general guide using Japanese, you will just need to follow all the steps below in order to make a bank transfer successfully.

Important Information before the Furikomi

The important information which you will need to prepare before making the furikomi includes 5 different pieces about the company or person that you are transferring money to (the recipient or payee’s information). You will be giving this information by your landlord or property management company. If you are staying with Modern Living Tokyo, please find the information in the graph below. You can also easily find this information on your contract with us.

  1. Name of the Bank or Financial Institution: 銀行名 (Ginko-mei) or 金融機関名(Kinyukikan-mei).
  2. Name of Branch: 支店名 (Shiten-mei).
  3. Account Type: 口座科目 (Koza kamoku):
    1. 当座 (Tōza) – Current (Checking) Account or
    2. 普通 (Futsū) – Regular Account
  4. Account Number: 口座番号 (Koza bango)
  5. Name of Beneficent: 口座名義 (Kōza meigi), this is the name of the company or person you are transferring money to (payee).

You will also need:

  • Cash or your ATM cash card.
  • Basic knowledge of hiragana and/or katakana to select the bank and input the payee’s name.
    (But with this guide, we has been trying to minimalize the amount of Japanese that you need).

Please note that for a bank transfer with cash, you can only transfer the maximum of 100,000 yen (10 man yen). So for example, if your rent is more than 100,000 yen, you will need to make 2 transfers, or you will need to do it at the counter instead.

Bank Transfer Cut-Off Time

The bank transfer cut-off time for most banks in Japan is 3PM on weekdays. If you do a furikomi bank transfer before 3PM on a business day, it will go through on the same day. After this time or on a weekend, it will go through on the following business day. Keep this in mind so you don’t miss any deadlines (like the day your rent is due!).

Asking for Help

If you use a bank ATM inside a bank branch during business hours, there is usually an attendant standing by to help. Most Japanese bank employees do not speak English, but if you show them the bank transfer information above, they will likely understand that you want to do a furikomi bank transfer, show you how to switch the screen to English, and help you with the screens that require katakana input.

お振込みをしたいです: Ofurikomi shitai desu. (I would like to do a bank transfer.)

助けてください。: Tasukete kudasai. (Please help me.)

Steps to Make a Bank Transfer

Step 1: Choosing the option of transferring (お振込み)

*At some ATMs, instead of お振込み (transferring), it’s 送金 (sending money)

On the first screen of the ATM, you will see many options such as withdrawal, check balance, deposit etc. Just choose the option of transferring/sending money.

Step 2: Confirm the date of the transfer:

For Mizuho bank accounts: the transfer will be completed today or the next business day as it’s the same banking system.
For other banks (MUFG, SMBC etc.): whether the transfer can be completed today or not will depend on the particular bank of the payee. Click continue to Proceed (進み)

Step 3: Warning about frauds:

Choose Continue (振込操作をつづける)

Step 4: Transfer using cash card or cash

If you have card, choose the one on the left, and if you transfer by cash, choose the one on the right (現金でのお振込み)

*The limit for cash transfer is 100,000 yen

Step 5: Confirm out-of-business-hour transaction fee

Information about the fee for out-of-business-hour transaction. Choose Proceed (進み)

Step 6: Confirm method to specify the transfer account

Choose the upper box to enter our bank account information (振込先指定)

Step 7: Option to register for transferring card

Choose Unnecessary (不要)

Step 8: Choose bank name

Choose Mitsubitshi UFJ (三菱 U F J)

Step 9: Choose branch

Our bank account branch is Gyotoku (行徳). Please choose .

The branch in listed on the second page under K, therefore, please ind the branch of Gyotoku (行徳) by clicking Next.

Choose Gyotoku (行徳)

Step 10: Choose account type:

Choose 普通預金 (General savings) account type by pressing on it.

Step 11: Enter bank account number:

You can find out the bank account number on your contract with us.

If you need to correct or delete one of the numbers, choose the 2 options on the right. If it’s correct, then proceed (進み).

Step 12: Confirm payee’s information

Please confirm all the information including bank name, branch, type of account and account number. If you need to correct any information, press the yellow button to Correct (訂正). If everything is correct, just choose Continue (進み)

Step 13: Enter your information

Enter your name in Katakana here, if you can type Katakana, type your name here then choose Continue (進み).

If not, change the keyboard to alphabet to enter name in English by pressing the yellow button (英数字切替).

Enter your name in alphabet here then choose Continue (進み).

Enter your phone number here: Type your name number in the format XXX-XXXX-XXXX. Then press Continue (進み)

Step 14: Enter the amount you want to transfer

If you need to correct the amount, pressing 金額訂正. Then press Proceed (進み)

Step 15: Confirm all the information

Then press Proceed (進み)

Step 16: Deposit cash into the ATM

Both the coins and bills drawers will open, just insert your cash inside.

Then press Proceed (進み)


Receipt for the transfer

The ATM will count the amount of cash you insert inside, and return any change. And there will be a receipt like this with all the details of the transfer. Please keep this receipt carefully.

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