Life after Covid19

Life after Covid19

I would like to start this blog off by sharing with you a true story of what happened to me before, to make a point here, I promise, it gets interesting.

One evening I was walking down Shibuya streets after a business meeting with an American male named Derek who has lived in Tokyo for 13 years. We were walking and talking as we were wrapping up our meeting as we headed back to Shibuya station together ( so I won’t get lost ). Suddenly, out of the blue I heard a lady sobbing from behind us. And she was not holding back. I said to Derek, “excuse me” and turned around in the next second. When I turned around, I saw a young Japanese woman in black pants suit with white shirt, crying loudly as she was walking down the street right behind us. She was all by herself while she was doing that.

My immediate reaction was to run towards her and gave her a big hug and rubbed her back with one hand as I said, “It’s ok. Everything will be ok. ” I noticed that she immediately cried louder as if she felt a relief that it’s ok to cry in public, ( well, she did get a permission to cry in public by a total stranger, so why not? ) as she nodded her head up and down, then in her weak voice she said, “Thank you.” I said, “Of course. You just needed to let it out. No worries.” Then walked back to Derek. I didn’t know that lady and I have never met her before in my life. And of course, I didn’t know what made her cry. All I knew was that she needed love at the moment.

She simply had her meltdown. Everyone has it here and there. After Covid19, more than ever, we have to be kind to each other and communicate more while we minimize our physical contacts. Let’s face it, I couldn’t have done that for her today If I were in that situation today, considering human contacts and social distancing. So the more we are physically distancing from one another we might be keeping more inside, to ourselves, and never get a hug when we need one. You never know what your friend who hasn’t texted you in months is going through…. say hello today. You never know what your family members are going through. While we can’t visit them, call them today. Don’t let your busyness miss the opportunity to share love. Everyone needs a hug. Everyone needs love. And you should never be too busy to make time to talk to your friends and family, by the time you have time for it may be too late.

Ways to keep communication while keeping social distance

1. Utilize tools to keep communication open and frequent. ( video calls etc )

2. Be creative by adding activities between you and your friends / family ( share videos and pictures with them to show them about your day. Play some games together on video call. Watch the same movie while on a video call etc )

3. Be open and be honest. ( social distancing should never lead you to an emotional disconnect, isolation, distancing )

Say these things instead to become a good listener

“It’ll all be fine” -> “How can I help you? ”

“You should smile more. ” -> “Is everything ok? ”

“Don’t worry about it. ” -> “What can I do to make it less stressful for you? ”

“It could be worse. ” -> “It must be hard. Tell me about it. ”

“What’s wrong? “-> “Do you want to talk about it? ”

Together, we can get through this unique hardship. If you like this story, please leave a comment. You’re a very important part of this community and I’m so happy to have you here.

Thank you for reading!

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