Masashi Kaki Design

Masashi Kaki Design

Japan’s culture and traditions are fascinating, aren’t they? Don’t you wish you could just master all Japanese traditions and start living like a monk (Okay, maybe just me…)? That’s why today, I would like to share with you a story about the moment we spent with Masashi, Ikebana Artist, who gave us the chance to dabble Ikebana (flower arrangement).

As we are covering this story, we are gladly announcing our new partnership with Masashi Kaki Design. Please check him out!

Masashi Kaki Design

Have you ever considered experiencing flower arrangement (Ikebana)?

Located in Inaricho, Masashi’s studio is only a couple blocks behind a handful of religious shops and the famous Shitaya Shrine which has its roots in the 8th century. Inaricho is one of the most historical places in Tokyo, gifted with numerous temples and shrines. Once we got there, we felt right away that the atmosphere in that district is really particular, and nothing similar from what we can see in any other areas of Tokyo.

After a few minutes’ walk in that magnificent surroundings, we reached Masashi’s studio and we quickly understood that Masashi is an artist by all means. His aura, knowledge and generosity can be felt as soon as we entered his home. The artist is a really awesome host and has the ability to make people feel comfortable and welcomed. After a quick introduction we jumped right into the Ikebana adventure and were fed with all the interesting facts about Japanese’s history, religion and art of Ikebana that Masashi meticulously delivered to us. Masashi, in his delicate and soft way, made us feel relaxed and calm, almost in the state of mediation. In that part of the lesson, we really felt closer to Japanese culture and realised even more that every little thing has symbolic meanings and is connected to each other.

After understanding the big picture of the origins of Ikebana, that is when we started the arrangement of flowers. The artist brought us a selection of colorful flowers of different sizes and shapes and we were simply delighted with the smell of all the fresh seasonal flowers that Masashi carefully picked for us. At that point, we just had to be guided by Masashi who assisted us during our journey of our first creation. We were surprised by all the details that can be involved in flower arrangement which is both simple and complex at the same time.

Lines, sizes, directions, positions, angles and colors need to be considered in order to try to find a balance that will give a sense of harmony. The biggest lesson we’ve learned is: Less is more!

Masashi is simply amazing and we definitely encourage you to try his lessons and experience something special and unique.

At Modern Living Tokyo, we hope to keep building such wonderful relationships to help our residents make the most of their stay in Japan. Please be sure to stay tuned for our updates about up-coming events that are exclusively planned for our residents and let us know in the comment if you would like to try Ikebana with us. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

Thank you for being in our community.

 With love,
Modern Living Tokyo

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