Most Trending Areas in Tokyo

Most Trending Areas in Tokyo

Being the largest city in the world, Tokyo has so much to offer. This also means that choosing a place to call home can be overwhelming. 

Each community has its own unique characteristics and vibe. So, how do you choose which is perfect for you? In this guide, we highlight 10 of Tokyo’s best neighborhoods for foreign travelers. 


If you’re traveling to Tokyo for school, then Ebisu is the ideal place to get settled. This neighborhood is popular for young Millennials and Generation Zers. It’s surrounded by high schools and universities — making it convenient for students.

Ebisu gives off a cool and relaxed vibe and is brimming with shops, museums, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. 


Not into the bustle of a big city? Choose Meguro. This comfortable neighborhood offers the perfect blend of commercial, residential, and cultural. 

Meguro is home to several art facilities like museums and galleries. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful environment with its many parks at the Meguro River.

This area also offers an abundance of shopping and dining options. 


This is another popular area amongst students and young professionals. Living accommodations here are reasonable and there is easy access to public transportation via the Yamanote Line. 


Surrounded by many universities, Ichigaya is an ideal place for those traveling for school. Located almost in the heart of Tokyo, Ichigaya offers convenient transportation to neighboring areas like Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Shibuya.  


Home to a plethora of shopping and lush greenery, Kichijoji offers a distinct and special ambiance. One of Tokyo’s most famous parks, Inokashira Park, is only a short walk from the train station.

Speaking of transportation, the train station connects to multiple lines and allows you to travel without transferring. 


Nakano is for the university student who loves to shop for neat trinkets. This neighborhood is known for the Nakano Broadway — a large shopping complex that sells niche goods. The area is also surrounded by universities, so it’s great for people traveling for study.

Although the average rent in this neighborhood is pricey, there are plenty of nice apartments for affordable rates. 


If you’re looking for a place with tourist attractions and fun, Shibuya is it. Here, you’ll find landmarks like the Hachiko Statue and venues for recreation.

This area is one of the central stations of Tokyo, so you’ll have quick and easy access to other parts of the city via transportation.


Ikebukuro is another area ideal for young people. It’s full of shopping, recreation, and dining options. Most notably, the anime and manga megastore is located here — anime fans rejoice! What’s also great about Ikebukuro is that it’s easily accessible via train. 


Shinjuku embodies everything about a large city. The world’s busiest train station is located here and there are thousands of retail and office facilities. 

Rentals here are also reasonably priced. Check out a few apartments available for rent in Shinjuku here.


Outside of the hectic Shinagawa Station rests a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. It’s the perfect area for those traveling with children. There are many living accommodations for families at reasonable prices. 

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