Seal isn’t Really an Animal

Seal isn’t Really an Animal

Hi guys,

As we are finally realizing that plastics were not so kind to the earth and it has been causing crazy weather and natural disasters all around the world, now suddenly they made us carry “eco bag” a.k.a. “My bag” for every shopping we do, or you’ll end up carrying your whole grocery in your arms like an old lady I saw the other day. To me, she’s the queen of money saver (she saved 5 yen for not buying the plastic shopping bag and saved the earth a little).

In Japan, when you’re walking into a store to buy something well prepared with your own eco bag, at the time you are making your purchase you often hear the line, “シールで宜しいです か?”=”Is seal ok?” Seal??? What???

But the “seal” isn’t the animal seal we know, in Japan. For some reason Japanese had named “sticker” the wrong way and somehow ended up and settled with the name, “seal”. Isn’t that cute?

Anyway, so in case you wonder why they always ask you about seals when you check out at a store, here’s why.

They have a custom of sticking a piece of sticker on the product you just paid for as a proof of purchase. So, to check and see If you have something to carry your purchased item, they ask if “seal” is ok? So if you do have your eco bag, please say, “yes, thank you.” If not, you’ll have to buy a plastic bag from them.

Please don’t be that cheater that slowly peels off the sticker with your nail and re-use it on the items you did not pay for. That’s still shoplifting….very smart, but still a no, no

With this new information, I wish you a happy and pleasant shopping experience in Japan!

* We apologize for showing such a seductive picture of a naked Seal. Viewers discretion is advised.

With love,

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