SOZO Hair & Make – English Speaking Hair Salon in Tokyo

SOZO Hair & Make – English Speaking Hair Salon in Tokyo

You can find many excellent hair and beauty salons in Tokyo, however, getting the ideal haircut can still be a daunting task for you if you can’t speak Japanese. But it’s not impossible to find a great salon where you can speak to a fluent English-speaking hairdresser. In recent years, more and more salons in Tokyo have started targeting international customers who come from Asia, Europe, and America by providing hair services in English by either having a translator, giving English lessons to their hairdressers or even by having them trained in cities like New York and London. In this blog post, we are introducing one of the hair salons with available English-speaking hairdressers who have extensive experience working with an international clientele.

SOZO Hair&Make

 Jingumae Station, Harajuku Station, Omotesando Station


In 2010, Keizo and Taa – the 2 cofounders of SOZO Hair&Make founded SOZO Hair&Make at the basement of a building on a small street in Jingumae, Tokyo. Both of the cofounders share the same passion and appreciation for beauty, together with a shared vision for an international hair salon where customers are served with world-class level of hospitality and service, they have decided to open SOZO as both a hair salon and a gallery, where customers can have their hair cut while enjoying many season art exhibitions and events hosted in the salon.

1. SOZO's Dream

SOZO’s dream is making the world a happier place through its hair services. They aim to create a salon environment where each and every customer feel happier after using their services, therefore, the world becomes a happier place. The salon is proud of its excellent services tailored to different hair textures of customers from different countries. You can only find the best techniques and highest level of hospitality here at SOZO. You will certainly leave happy.

2. The Salon

Enjoying various seasonal art collections while having your hair done at SOZO. SOZO works with many international artists to host exhibitions at the salon. Therefore, certainly, each of your experience at the salon will be memorable and different thanks to the seasonal art exhibitions.

The salon is also located very conveniently, in the central of Tokyo, with access to 3 different train stations, including Jingumae, Harajuku and Omotesando Station.

3. The Service

The main reason why you should try SOZO Hair&Make is because of their outstanding & excellent services.

  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Stylists:

Combining the techniques learned abroad with SOZO technique – created by Keizo and TAA, SOZO Hair & Make serve celebrity customers every day and constantly improve their service and performance. As customer satisfaction is their number one priority – empowering their customers through consideration and wellbeing is an integral part of the training.

The SOZO team also has had experience working with various different types of hair, with clients from all around the world.

  • English Speaking Services:

Because every member of the SOZO team has worked abroad before, in cities such as London and New York, where they learn different international techniques and industry standards before joining the team, there will be almost no language barrier between you and the hairdressers.

  • Hair Products Tailored for Different Hair Styles and Hair Textures

The salon also provides an array of products imported from different countries, each designed to address a specific hair type and hair texture. SOZO always share new technology and information with each other in the team and reconsider the hair products they are using, striving for perfection. They believe that exceptional results are worth the cost of high-end products, regardless of the cost.

  • Guaranteed Technical Skills:

Complete technical guarantee.
SOZO strives to ensure that all of the customers are happy with their hairstyles by guaranteeing their techniques. If there is even a minor element you are not 100% satisfied or happy with, they will restyle your hair for free.

Thoughtful treatments for beautiful hair
SOZO do their best to protect customers’ hair in all their treatments by using “FIBERPLEX”, the latest hair strengthening system developed in Germany. It reduces split ends by 94% and maintains high levels of hair quality even after bleaching, as well as protecting hair undergoing normal color or high tone color treatments. FIBERPLEX not only offers high-level protection during treatment but ensures that the health of your hair is maintained in the long term too.

Special Partnership with SOZO Hair&Make Salon

All current residents of Modern Living Tokyo can get a special coupon of 10% for all the services at SOZO Hair&Make. Why not giving this a chance to try out the best English speaking salon in Tokyo? Contact us for more detailed information.

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