Tokyo’s Top 6 Best Places to Live

Tokyo’s Top 6 Best Places to Live

1. Ebisu

Ebisu is just one station south of Shibuya Station and is one of Tokyo’s most stylish and expensive areas to live as the area lies right in the center and is famous for the Yebisu Garden Place, a trendy complex for high-end shopping and dining. The area is known among locals for its ultra-cool vibe as many contemporary izakaya and wine bars as well as burger joints and Michelin-starred French restaurants cluster around the area. You also can find the Ebisu Yokocho , a place with plenty of Japanese izakaya providing varrious choices of Japanese food from yakitori to oden, kushiage, teppanyaki and sushi, etc. This is certainly a place where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine and drinking culture to your heart’s content.

Also, Ebisu just steps away from Daikanyama and Meguro – another 2 popular and trendy areas in Tokyo. The area always comes first in many rankings of the best places to live among local Japanese. Therefore, the average rent for Ebisu is on the expensive side, with 1K (studio) apartment comes at 120,000 yen and up.

The beautiful illumination in Ebisu Garden. Source:

2. Kichijoji

Kichijoji is a neighborhood on the Western side of Musashino City and it often ranks first as the most livable place in Tokyo, over other neighborhoods such as Naka-Meguro, and Shibuya. The reason is that it does not only host an array of the best izakaya, restaurants, lovely cafes, theaters, a zoo and shops that you want to explore but also a very big park named Inokashira park, which filled with both cherry trees and maple trees. What’s more, the Western side of the park is home to Ghibli Museum – which is exquisitely designed and can fill your imagination with whimsical and magical characters of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime. There won’t be a day when you feel bored living in this area as there is always something new for you to do every day.

You won't lack options for your lunch or dinner if living in Kichijoji. Source:

3. Jiyugaoka

Jiyugaoka is one of Tokyo’s off the beaten path neighborhoods where you can find many trendy and fashionable boutiques, lovely cafes, and posh zakka (miscellaneous goods) shops. Jiyugaoka’s narrow stone pavements will make you feel as if you’ve transported yourself to the streets of Europe’s most photogenic cities – and yet, it carefully incorporates an authentic Japanese touch. It does not only have many other interesting and trendy cafes and restaurants to offer, but the area also is a perfect area to live in Tokyo. Many Japanese, especially Japanese women, loves to live in the area because of the shopping convenience and the posh atmosphere. Indeed, Jiyugaoka always rank highly in all the best area to live in Tokyo rankings.

Kosoan is a beautiful tea-house hosted in a very old Japanese surrounded by a Japanese garden. Source: Google Maps

4. Shinagawa

Shinagawa is both a business hub and also a transportation hub for all the main Shinkansen comes and leaves from Tokyo, hence it’s super convenient for those who take frequent business and leisure trips. However, it lies on the Yamanote Line – one of the most congested train lines in Tokyo and the neighborhood is full of high-rise condos and offices. Many love living in Shinagawa because of its convenience and also the bustling atmosphere though.

5. Meguro

Meguro is located along the Yamanote loop line that circles downtown Tokyo. However, whereas a lot of Yamanote Line neighborhoods are heavily built up with high-rise office towers and expensive nightlife, Meguro is still a pocket of less intensive development, with enough supermarkets and other routine shopping facilities for a comfortable day-to-day life.

Many Japanese flock to Meguro during the sakura season, for "hanami".

6. Futako Tamagawa

The upscale neighborhood of Futako-Tamagawa in southern Tokyo—separated from Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture by the Tama River—is home to Rakuten’s global headquarters. There are also gleaming shopping malls, a sizeable park, and in a sign of gentrification, a host of third-wave coffee roasters and cafes.

Todoroki Keikoku Park is a very good place for a stroll in Futako Tamagawa

Don’t forget to share with us which neighborhood is your favorite in the commend down below 😉

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